RV Loan

We have been doing research after research to attempt to get an RV Loan for our certified RVIA Tiny Home.

To make a long story short, they are very hard to obtain, you must have very good to excellent credit, most are only done through credit unions and you can only get the loan if you don’t plan on having the RV be your main residence.

My husband nor I, have excellent credit. Neither one of us belong to a credit union, just a regular old bank which does not do RV Loans. The whole point of the tiny house is to live in it as a primary residence.

The Tiny Homes that are interested in range from $45,000 and upwards, after upgrades and making sure that the home will fit a family of four we are looking at $65,000 – $75,000.


To Start

So, we’re going tiny.

Now, where do we start? Do we build ourselves, or do we hire a place to build for us?

Here is is where are.  We want to do wheels, so we can be mobile.  We had looked into a few RV parks around the DFW area, those places are for the most part terrible. I am sure there are some really nice ones out there, but none that I have seen as of yet. Many of those places will also only allow certified RVIA in their parks. Which can only be obtained by having a certified place build the tiny house. Then that also eliminates us building the home ourselves, which takes away the huge savings; however also is less of a hassle.

Where would be build our tiny home? Most of our family and friends in the area all live in HOA neighborhoods. We have family with land in Oklahoma, however we would have drive four hours each way every time we want to work on it and that would end up costing a fortune in gas, food and lodging costs.